2018 Word of the Year

Each December since 2014, I’ve chosen and written about my Word of the Year. Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, a Word of the Year (WOTY) helps guide me toward reaching my goals and becoming a better version of myself.


You can read about my word choices for 2015 (here), 2016 (here), and 2017 (here).


In 2017, I chose COURAGE because I wanted to push through my discomfort to reach bigger goals.


My two major accomplishments over the past twelve months that required the most courage were cutting out all sugar and flour from my diet (finally!) and becoming a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach with The Life Coach School.


COURAGE is what helped me keep my commitments to myself even when I felt overwhelmed and stressed. It helped me feel empowered to take risks and fail until I got the results I wanted.



For 2018, I was all set to choose “determined” as my WOTY since I have very lofty business goals for next year, but then my coach suggested I try OPEN.


To be honest, the word didn’t resonate with me. I felt closed to being OPEN. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I felt. The word reminded me of times I’ve felt exposed and vulnerable (like here). But because of that, I realized that my coach was onto something important regarding my personal growth.


I started thinking about how the word OPEN could apply to different areas of my life. I could be more open to change, open to vulnerability, open to failing, open to criticism, open to love, open to any emotion — good or bad.


Now, I embrace this for my 2018 word and can’t wait to see how it serves me in the coming year.


What word did you choose last year and how did it impact you? What word will you choose for 2018? Leave your ONE word in the comments below. Feel free to say a little something about why you chose it, too. We can remind one another about our New Year’s intentions throughout the year.


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