Encouraging Your Child – 163

The late philosopher and psychiatrist Alfred Adler believed that “a misbehaving child is a discouraged child.” In so many subtle ways, and without realizing it, we discourage our kids all the [...]


Homework Help – 162

Does your child struggle to do homework? Do you get into regular battles over it and question how much to get involved? In this episode, I offer my thoughts to get you in a calm and empowered [...]


Grandparent Expectations – 161

Do you wish your kids' grandparents acted differently? When you think about them, do you feel frustrated, resentful, hurt, or guilty? If you answered "yes," this episode is for you. Learn the [...]


Back-to-School Q&A – 159

You've got questions, I've got answers. In this Back-to-School episode, I'm answering questions submitted by moms when I asked, "What would be the most useful podcast for you right now about [...]


Lessons from Grief Camp – 158

I recently spent an unforgettable week working as a clinician at a grief camp for kids. While I'm sure I helped the campers learn and grow in many ways, they taught and inspired me a great deal, [...]


Dealing with Disappointment – 157

The start of the school year isn't how we imagined it would be last May when COVID cases were declining and vaccines became available to kids over 12. It's natural and normal to feel disappointed [...]


The Family Reset – 156

Sometimes, families run like well-oiled machines. And other times, they don't operate as effectively. With summer schedules ending and school fast approaching, many families are all out of whack. [...]


Parental Projection – 155

Back in episode 79, I talked about four of the main psychological defense mechanisms I see in my work with moms. In today's show, I'm diving deeper into one of those defense mechanisms: [...]


“I Want My Mommy!” – 154

When you know your child misses you and feels sad or scared, you might feel guilty or anxious about being apart. In today's episode, I share a recent personal story in which I was able to quickly [...]