Teaching Kids Values – 173

Every parent – whether they realize it or not – has ideas about the kinds of adults they hope their kids will become. And although we can't control the choices our kids make as they get older, we [...]


Understanding Your Values – 172

Knowing and understanding your personal values is the first step in passing them along to your kids. In this episode, I walk you through a series of five questions to help you get clear about [...]


Parenting Tool: Great Questions – 171

As moms, we often think we're supposed to have all the answers. We're supposed to tell our kids what to do because we know better as adults. But what if that's not true? What if, instead, we're [...]


Parenting with Courage – 169

Courage isn't the ability to do something without fear. It's the ability to do something despite fear. Courageous people feel fear, but they don't let it stop them from taking action. As moms, we [...]


Parent-Teacher Partnership – 168

I believe that kids have a better chance of school success when parents and teachers work together as a team. After all, kids probably spend more of their waking hours involved with school than [...]


Our Human Diagnosis – 166

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, an estimated 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. experienced mental illness in 2019 (pre-pandemic!) and approximately 48 million adults in the U.S. are [...]


The Conflict Escalator – 165

Conflict with your kids is inevitable. But the way you handle conflict either helps or hinders your relationships with them. In this episode, I introduce the concept of the Conflict Escalator to [...]