Raising Grateful Kids – 068

We can train our kids to say "thank you" and act grateful. But what we really want is for them to feel grateful, so their expression of gratitude is authentic. Join me for this episode as I share [...]


The Problem with Praise – 067

No one loves your kids as much as you do. And you want to shout from the rooftops how special and amazing they are. You want them to feel good about themselves and proud of their accomplishments. [...]


The Problem with Rewards – 066

Rewards. Kids love them. Adults love them. How could there possibly be a problem with them? Join me for this episode, where I share how rewards, like punishments, are not only ineffective, but [...]


Disabling Your Labeling – 065

How did people describe you as a kid? Were you "the shy one,” “the sensitive one” or “the wild one?” Were you "athletic," "nerdy," or "gifted?" Now your kids are being labeled, too -- by you, [...]


Your Evidence File – 064

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.” -- Anais Nin I find the human brain fascinating. When we think a negative thought, our brains go to work looking for (and creating) [...]


Peace and Quiet – 063

Do you have quiet moments throughout your day? Or are you always filling your head with the sounds of podcasts, music, news, and energetic kids? Turn off your notifications and tune in for [...]