The Online Summer Camp for Moms: Helping You Keep Your Cool

Summer camp is in full swing here in South Florida.


My girls attend a day camp where their activities include archery, swimming, basketball, soccer, tennis, crafts, trapeze, jewelry-making, woodworking, guitar lessons, cartooning, Zumba, and science!




Yep. It’s pretty awesome.


I went to sleepaway camp as a kid and have fond memories of swimming in the ice-cold lake, singing and roasting marshmallows around a campfire, reading and writing letters during rest hour, and even spending several nights in the infirmary.


camp pam


Camp offers kids opportunities to develop their independence, improve their problem-solving and social skills, and provide a sense of belonging to a group. They can explore and discover their talents, interests, and values. They get tons of physical activity, connect with nature, sing silly songs, and eat lots of ice cream.

But why should kids have all the fun?


This summer, I’m offering moms the chance to go to camp, too. Virtually, that is.


My new program, the Keep Cool Online Summer Camp for Moms, delivers the same value that kids get at summer camp: skill-building, personal growth and development, self-discovery, playfulness, friendships, and s’more more.


Last week, 60 women signed up for my 7-day Chill Out Challenge for Moms that focused on self-care. I was blown away by the response and the results they generated.


The first day, we made lists of all the excuses and limiting beliefs we had for putting ourselves last and neglecting our self-care. Then we burned them (literally) and said goodbye.




On Day 4, we focused on eating healthfully and mindfully. Check out some of our gorgeous, nutritious salads!




And on Day 5, we spent 10 minutes tidying up one spot in our homes. Afterward, one participant commented, “It felt so good to go to sleep last night and wake up in a de-cluttered bedroom — Zen!”


Before and after


We also focused on practicing daily gratitude, setting boundaries, prioritizing our time, moving our bodies, and meditating.


When asked if she experienced any concrete results from the challenge, one mom said, “Definitely less stress (I love the meditation), more focus on what I eat and how I relate to family and co-workers, and the gratitude I have for what happens in my life every day.”


The challenge offered just a taste of what camp will be like — fun, interactive, and dare I say…life changing. By August, you’ll feel calmer, more energized, and rejuvenated. You’ll have a whole new perspective on your relationship with your kids and you’ll finally start prioritizing YOU.


The two moms who completed every challenge won free enrollment into the Keep Cool Online Summer Camp for Moms! They’re busy packing their virtual duffel bags and getting ready to start on July 6. I hope you’ll join them.


Unlike regular camp that takes up most of the day, these camp activities are manageable enough to easily fit into your weekly schedule. It’s just the thing you need to get you through the hot summer months and prepare you for the school year.


The first 5 moms to sign up for camp will receive a bonus 1:1 coaching call with yours truly ($150 value), and since the cart just opened last night, you can still grab one of those spots. Isn’t it time you did something just for you?


Click here to get all the details and register.


With love for all things lanyard,


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