A Mom’s Guide to Affirmations – 233

I'm a big believer in the power of affirmations. Not only have they made a huge difference in my own life, but my clients use them all the time to achieve results. This week on the podcast, I’m [...]


Change Your State – 232

Today’s episode is about changing your state; not in the sense of shifting where you physically live, but where you mentally live. Your "state" refers to your dominant way of being in the world [...]


What’s Stopping You – 231

When presented with an opportunity to make a change for the better or go after a goal, many moms don’t take it. They choose to stay stuck. But why? In today’s episode, I’m sharing my thoughts [...]


Be Where You Are – 230

Happy New Year, mama! I hope you're having an amazing start to 2023. Did you set a resolution or goal yet? I recently read that 54% of American parents make New Year’s resolutions, and while I [...]


Something to Look Forward To – 229

This week's episode is a twist on self-care that you probably haven't heard. When they think about self-care, many moms imagine bubble baths, a few minutes of quiet time (locked in the bathroom), [...]


Damn Good Mama – 227

In today’s podcast episode, I’m sharing a really personal story about an argument I had with my ex-husband and some of the derogatory things he said to me. The reason I’m sharing this with you is [...]