Celebrating Six: Mangos and Monkey Boots

Dear Dalia,


Happy 6th birthday! This post is a celebration of you in honor of your special day.




You’re growing up so fast.


Sometimes I wish I could freeze time and experience you at this age and stage in your life forever.


Your innocence can be simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking. Like the time Grandpa joked with you that he tried to fit himself into our mailbox and got his head stuck. You looked at him with wide eyes and asked, “Really?” Then when you realized it was a joke, you laughed about it, too.


I’m amazed by your sense of independence, self-confidence, and passionate spirit. I admire these qualities in you and hope you hold onto them as you get older.


I love how goofy you can be, like when you make up silly songs in the bathroom or re-enact entire movie scenes.


I love the way you appreciate and take pleasure in little things, like a beautiful cloud or a delicious mango.


And I love that you show your thoughtfulness for others by writing them letters, drawing pictures, or calling them on the phone.


I adore how affectionate you are with me. I can never pass up an opportunity to snuggle, especially when you ask me to do it.


Even when I have to set limits and you get disappointed, I’m thankful for your tenacity and strong will. I know it isn’t easy when you don’t get what you want.


When you put your mind to something, you astonish me. Remember when you had to stay completely still for your MRI?* The technician doubted that someone so young could do it without anesthesia, but I told him you could and you proved me right. You pretended you were a statue for what seemed like an hour (I don’t remember how long it actually was) while you listened to Lion King music in your headphones.


I delight in watching you dance and draw, and in listening to you sing and read out loud. You are one capable young lady.


You have a unique style and I marvel at your self-assurance when you walk into a room wearing a leotard and monkey rain boots.


2015-05-09 12.17.50


I love you, Dali-doo. I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with love and happy surprises.





*She’s completely fine!


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    Beautiful. And I too can relate to this. My oldest turned 6 in March. 🙂

    • Pam Howard

      Oooh, Patty! You, Rhiannon, and I can have a virtual play date with our 6 year olds!

  • Pam Howard

    Thank you, Rhiannon!

  • Rhiannon

    What a gorgeous post!
    I love how you have celebrated your beautiful daughter here.
    I have a 6 year old too so your blog definitely resonates with me.
    A lovely keepsake for Dalia.

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