Summer: The Perfect Time to Chill Out

The official start of summer isn’t until June 21. But my kids are at camp, it’s hot and sticky outside, and I busted out my OXO cherry pitter over the weekend. And that can only mean one thing:


Summer has arrived.


And while things are heating up outside, I’m helping Mamas keep their cool.



chill out challenge


This is unlike any challenge you might have done before. It’s full of practical, hands-on activities that will get you real, calming results in 7 days.


During this challenge, you will:

– Ditch excuses for putting yourself last

– Conquer chaos at home and get more organized

– Carve out time each day just for YOU

– Focus on your own self-care and well-being

– Feel more energized, rejuvenated, and relaxed


I often hear moms lament that they never have enough time to themselves, they feel pulled in every direction, and one day just blurs into the next.


They feel like they’re doing everything half-assed and putting their health and happiness on hold while they take care of everyone else.


Moms tell me they expect too much from themselves and take on too many obligations. They feel stressed out, irritable, and exhausted, and end up snapping at their kids and feeling guilty about it afterwards. The more they react emotionally, the more their kids act out, and it becomes a vicious cycle.


Bottom line: Good parenting starts with YOU, the parent. Self-neglect takes a toll on your emotional and physical well-being and compromises your ability to care for others.


Starting Monday, June 15, I’m going to help you change your mindset and put your own oxygen mask on first. Because you can’t help anyone when you’re gasping for air.


This challenge is going to be fun, interactive, and motivating. There’s a closed Facebook group where we’ll be posting our daily “missions” and I’ll be doing everything right alongside you.


Click here to sign up now. And since challenges are always more fun with friends, feel free to invite all the Mamas you know!


Can’t wait to chill out with you this summer!

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  • Jen Hemphill

    This is great, but it looks like you’ve started already, when is your next one?

    • Pam Howard

      Yes, Jen, we ended on Sunday. It was awesome and I’ll definitely offer it again in the future. Make sure you’re signed up to my e-mail list so you can get notified. xo

  • Rhiannon

    Love this challenge!

    The idea that that good parenting start with you (the parent) truly resonates with me. It’s so true and taking care of yourself is such a key element of parenting. 🙂

    • Pam Howard

      Rhiannon – I hope you’ll join us the next time around. We had 60 women sign up and it was amaaaaaazing!

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