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Past Challenge Participants Said:

“I loved it! It was small enough to not be overwhelming or difficult to keep up with, but had meaningful activities that were easy to implement. I was able to see ways that I can fit self-care into every day.” – Ashley

“It was easy and fun to do the challenges. Loved getting to know the amazing people who were also doing it.” – Laura

“I think it was great! It made me focus on me and by doing that I am becoming a better parent.” -Serena

“I loved the challenges…I remember when these challenges WEREN’T a challenge, and I thank you for helping me wake up!!” – Lori

“I loved the challenges! It just MAKES me think about myself.” – Jessica

“I liked the enthusiasm of the participants and you. It was fun and got me thinking about being good to myself and taking the edge off of the situation we are all in with COVID.” – Laura

“It’s nice to have the accountability to put myself on my “to do” list. The activities are easily accomplished without huge time commitments.” – Michelle

“I loved being a part of a group whose sole purpose is positivity and self growth, so refreshing. Thank you!!!” – Lindsay

“I liked knowing I was waking up to something other than kids! ” – Amber

“I liked the fact that I had to set aside some time for myself to truly think and reflect. It’s also nice to see what other moms are up to.” – Tonia

“I liked that you are a life coach who is a woman and a mom who can actually relate to the unique situation we are all in!” – Danielle

“Looking at myself from another vantage point has been a reminder that I need to chill out! I really needed the reminder!” – Staci

“I liked knowing that I’m not alone.” – Sonia

“I enjoyed feeling accountable to do things for myself and not just for everyone else. I felt proud when I accomplished what I set out to do. I felt good hearing the feedback and enjoyed the push to change my thinking. I think the world we are currently living in is scary and uncertain so feeling calm and in control of what we can control has been helpful for me. Thank you Pam!” – Lindsey