It’s Not Too Late to Clean Your Slate

Tonight marks the beginning of the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. On Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, we reflect on our behavior over the past year and seek forgiveness from those we’ve mistreated. It’s a time we can choose to make a fresh start and begin living more consciously.


Many parents tell me they think it’s “too late” to work on their parenting because their kids are older or because they’ve done “too much damage already.” Yom Kippur reminds us that it’s never too late to start over and make things right.


wipe slate2


But how do we do that? What do we do when we want to change our ways and break the harmful patterns we’ve created?


We start with an apology.


We look our kids in the eyes, take responsibility for our behavior, express genuine regret, and promise to change. And we do this without any expectation of getting an apology in return.


Whether or not you’re Jewish, take this opportunity to offer an apology to your kids. Be specific about something you’ve done that has hurt them, and acknowledge their feelings. Let them know what you’re going to do differently from now on.


Another aspect of Yom Kippur is to be “at one” (from the word ‘atone’) with ourselves as we move into the Jewish New Year. In addition to asking for forgiveness from others, we forgive ourselves for our own shortcomings, for being too hard on ourselves, and for neglecting our own self-care. Being more accepting of ourselves helps us develop compassion for others, too.


As you know, self-care is the main focus of the Keep Cool School, which starts next Monday, September 28. We’ll be diving deep and examining your triggers and core beliefs, psychological needs, organization habits, priorities, and boundaries.


The last day to register is Friday, September 25. So, go check it out here and claim your spot!


Remember, it’s not too late to clean your slate 🙂



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