Ditch the Mommy Guilt

Happy Tuesday!


This week I’m giving myself permission to focus on self-care without feeling any guilt.


I have a bad cold, Dalia’s out of school, and Marissa had early dismissal and a dentist appointment this afternoon. So, guess what?


No new post today.


At first, I felt a tinge of guilt that I would be letting you down. But I know you have days like this, too — when you just feel so depleted and you can’t get everything done.


I hope you’ll also take a break when you need one and ditch the guilt. Sometimes you have to put yourself first to be a better parent to your kids.


I wrote the following post about Mommy guilt last Spring. It may help you reconsider your “must-do” list in favor of better self-care.


Click here to read: Climbing Out of the Guilt Pit (Or At My Tit’s End)


And while I’m not feeling guilty, I’ll tell you that next week’s post will be a repeat, too.


I’ll be in beautiful Boulder, Colorado for a 3-day professional training about working with couples. I can’t wait to come back and tell you what I learn.


So, until then…stay calm and parent on!

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