From One Mother to Another

Last week, my daughters’ school celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week.



This week, I want to write about Mother Appreciation.


Not about appreciating your own mother, or even about your kids appreciating you.


I’m talking about recognizing the value of other moms you know.


In October of 2013, I read a blog post on Kveller titled, “Tell A Friend: You Are a Good Mama.” The author encouraged mothers to put an end to the “Mommy wars” by supporting each other for the things they do well, rather than judging and criticizing.


The post went viral and struck a nerve with so many women — because everyone wants to feel appreciated.


I’d like to take an opportunity here to recognize some of the moms I know.


To my friend who’s pursuing her PhD while raising three kids – I admire that you’re always striving to learn more about your field of study. I also marvel at how attentive you are to your children despite your busy schedule.


To my friend with a special needs child – I notice how hard you’re working to juggle the demands of parenting, and you do it with grace. Your strength and devotion to your kids are an inspiration to me.


To my friend who lost her mother at an early age – I can only imagine how hard it’s been to raise your daughter without the support and guidance of your own mom. You’re doing an amazing job. 


To my friend whose teenage son doesn’t talk to her – I’m in awe of how you’re constantly trying to improve yourself and grow from this experience, and that you continue to love your son unconditionally.


Take a moment right now and think of three or four moms you know. What do you admire about them? What qualities do you see in them that you regard highly? What do they accomplish despite their challenges?


This Mother’s Day, pay it forward to other moms and let them know you notice them. Tell them you think they’re doing an incredible job at this whole parenting thing. Be specific and give examples of why you admire or respect them. Then tell us about it in the comments below.


Imagine if we did this for each other all the time.


mother's day


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  • Pam Howard

    These are all beautiful!

  • Helen Butler

    Beautiful Pam!

    To my Mum friend whose boys have a rare medical condition – you amaze me with your positivity to life and their care.

    To my Mum friend who has one precious child and can’t have any more who constantly fields the question “So when are you having more children?” – your love for your child and kindness toward these people is never ending.

    To my Mum friend who works long hours to grow her business – what you do is amazing and so deserved in this world.

    To my Mum friend who lost a baby full term – your love and compassion for yourself, your family and everyone you touch is something I strive for. You are a beacon in a dark world, brightening up my life and those of everyone you touch.


  • Sandee Labinas

    To my mumma friend who always has time for her friends, a great shoulder to lean on, with the best non judgmental advise, even when she is sleep deprived. And who remains eternally optimistic, even though mother nature challenges her ability to fall pregnant naturally. We love you.

    To my mumma friend who had a difficult first few mths adjusting with the unexpected condition of her second child, but how she held it together for her whole family and still remained the relaxed, optimistic amazing person she is today, and did not hide away or withdraw. We love you.

    And finally to my mumma friend who had a surprise pregnancy, filled with issue’s, an amazing little man who over came his birth challenges, and thriving today because you are always there for him, filling his world with love, affection and support. We love you.

  • Beth

    Thanks for this one–it’s a nice reminder to give a thumbs up to other moms who could use the encouragement. Here are a few from me:

    For my friend who has chosen not to have children, but who always recognizes the challenges faced by women who do have kids, thank you!

    For my friend who has struggled with financial and legal problems after the death of her husband, all while raising three magnificent kids, I can never, ever, complain when I think of what you’ve gone through and it _will_ all be ok!

    To Pam, whose thoughtful and intelligent writings each week inspire me to think deeply about my parenting and help me to appreciate this awesome responsibility that all parents share!

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