Getting Your Spouse On Board with Coaching: My interview with Mike – 192

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One thing I often hear from parents who want to start coaching with me and feel like it could change everything for their family is, “I don’t think my spouse will go for this.”


Usually, it's the wife who finds me through the podcast and she's had me in her ear for a while. She feels a pull inside her to reach out to me, but her spouse, who has never heard the podcast and doesn’t understand the concepts I teach says, “You want to do what? And with who? Who's Pam Howard? Do you really need coaching? Can’t you just read a book?”


This interview answers all of those questions from a spouse’s perspective.


Mike, who's married to my client, Lindsey, graciously agreed to come chat with me about his experience since I started working with Lindsey two years ago. We don’t often get to hear from a spouse’s perspective, and I couldn’t wait to get this into your ears and heart.


Grab your spouse and listen together (and come back next week to hear my interview with Lindsey)!





  • How Mike's relationship with Lindsey transformed since she started coaching with me
  • The biggest changes Mike has seen in the way Lindsey deals with challenges at work and at home
  • What changed Mike's mind about coaching as a self-proclaimed “not into self help” kind of guy



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