How to Set Boundaries – 015


Setting boundaries is an important part of establishing your identity and defining who you are. 

Most people are confused and misinformed about what boundaries are, when they’re appropriate, and how to set them. They think of setting boundaries as a way to control someone else’s behavior, rather than a way to protect themselves. 

Join me on today’s episode of the podcast as I discuss exactly what boundaries are as well as when and how to set them effectively.




  • Why simply saying “no” is not the same as setting a boundary
  • The purpose of a boundary (it’s not what you think)
  • The difference between a threat and a boundary
  • Why healthy boundaries are an important part of self-care
  • When and how to set effective boundaries





  • Maria B.

    Loved the episode on setting boundaries. How would I set a boundary with my husband who insists on watching the news during family meals? I know that I can say “If you turn on the news during dinner, I will eat in another room or at a different time!” However, with the amount of time and effort I put into preparing and cooking family meals I don’t want to have to leave the kitchen if he turns on the news. Besides it would set a poor example for my teenage daughters that I leave and to eat in a different room or at another time. I tried adjusting the dinner time to a different time, but he records the news so we can watch it as a family during dinner no matter what time we eat. I’ve also tried comprising with him by asking him to only watch the news a few times a week instead of every meal, but he dismissed that idea. Not to mention that the only topics he wants to talk about during our meals is what we’re watching on the news. I’ve asked him since he records the news, he can watch it with our girls after we finish eating, but he dismissed that idea too. Also,I don’t even like to have the TV on during meals in general, let alone the news.
    Please advise. I”ve been battling this topic with him for years. Wondering if you can help me set a boundary with this topic.

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