Feeling a little lost, Mama?

It's time to find yourself.

Does any of this sound familiar?

- You know all the "right" things to do when it comes to taking care of yourself, but you rarely put them into practice.

- Although you'd never admit it, caring for everyone else is sucking the life out of you.

- Some days you're so exhausted, and you take it out on the kids...and then feel guilty about it afterwards.

- You tell yourself there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done and have time for yourself, so you put yourself last. Again.

- You feel alone and wish there was some way to share how you feel and get support without being judged.


Mama, I've got you.


The More Mama Summer Camp


Week 3



Reduce physical + mental clutter

Develop routines to

stay organized and follow through on commitments


Understand your "Mama Brain" and how to manage it better

Learn to make better decisions without second-guessing yourself

Week 1



Prioritize YOU and learn how to say NO without the guilt

Identify future goals and learn how to dream big again

Week 4


Become bolder and more courageous

Take back all the power you've given away to your kids and others

The More Mama Summer Camp is a 4-week group coaching experience designed to help you feel MORE CALM, have MORE ENERGY, be MORE ORGANIZED, and MORE IN CONTROL.

- A new lesson every Monday to teach you new ideas and tools

- Weekly group coaching calls

- A private Facebook group with other moms like you

- Direct access to me for all of your questions

- Weekly Q&A and special "bonfire" activity to create friendships and bonds with other moms in the group

Over the course of 4 weeks, you'll get:

Summer Camp is magical and life-changing!

When you join the More Mama Summer Camp, you'll get to re-discover yourself in a fun way, build confidence as a mom, learn new skills to help you handle any situation, and make lifelong friends and connections.

What if THIS is the summer
that changes everything for you?

Practicing self-care, learning how to feel better, and taking time for yourself isn’t selfish. It’s not optional. 

And it’s not just another item on your list of chores that you “should” do. 

 It’s a non-negotiable part of being a good parent.

Your kids need a MOTHER, not a martyr.

Stop putting yourself last on your list of priorities and just

wishing you could learn to manage the yelling and temper tantrums

(yours, that is).

At More Mama Summer Camp, 

You're Never Alone.

Being a mom can feel lonely at times, but at the

More Mama Summer Camp, you'll have exclusive access to me, your guide and coach...

Plus a private Facebook group of other women who share similar challenges and will cheer you on.

Camp FAQ:

Q: What are the dates of the program?

A: Camp starts Monday, July 20 and runs through Friday, August 14. 

Q: Who is this program for?

A: The More Mama Summer Camp is for moms and stepmoms who are ready to focus on themselves and make their well-being and mental health a top priority. It's for women who want to stop reacting emotionally to everyday dramas, feel more organized with their time and space, and take control of their futures.

Q: I've already got more commitments than I can handle. How much time will this take?

A:  Unlike regular camp that takes up most of the day, these camp activities are manageable enough to easily fit into your weekly schedule. And the sooner you make time to prioritize self-care, the better you'll be able to handle your commitments. 

Q: What's the investment?

A: The More Mama Summer Camp is $495. This is an investment in YOU and the mom and woman you want to be.  Make no mistake -- not only will you get the support and transformation you desire, you'll leave camp with tools that will be yours forever. You won't find a better way to take care of you and your family. You're worth it, mama! It's time to show that to yourself.

Q: When are the LIVE calls?

A: Zoom calls will happen on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at different times each week to accommodate moms in multiple time zones. Every call is recorded so you can watch the replay later at your convenience.

Q: What exactly is coaching?

A: Coaching is all about problem-solving. As your coach, I'll help you identify your blind spots and the obstacles getting in the way of you reaching your goals, then help you figure out how to overcome them.

Q: Is there more?

A: Of course! This is camp! There will be fun surprises every week.

Meet Your Camp Guide

Hi, I'm Pam! I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Life Coach for moms. 

I'm the host of the Less Drama More Mama podcast, devoted to helping moms feel calm, confident, and in control in their parenting and their lives.

I'm also a K-8 Guidance Counselor, a Certified Scream Free Parenting and Marriage Leader, and the mom of two children, ages 14 and 11.

I get you, and I know I can help you.



Still on the fence?

Take a moment to think really hard about what it's costing you to feel stressed out, exhausted, and dissatisfied every day, and not taking action to change.

I can guarantee you'll leave camp a new mom and woman, but you have to show up for YOU...and it starts here.

With all the tools you'll learn and the community you'll have at More Mama Summer Camp, it's a no-brainer!

I've never worked with anyone who didn't get results.

That's why your investment is GUARANTEED and the risk is on me.

If you show up for camp 100% and still don't get results,

I'd feel weird about keeping your money.

Contact info: