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Today’s episode is my second interview with Abbi Perets. In our first episode over a year ago, Abbi talked about parenting a child with special needs and making money as a freelance writer working from home.


This interview is very different — it's her account of living and parenting five children during the current war in Israel.


When the war broke out on October 7, Abbi started posting daily about the situation and her day-to-day life on Facebook. I so appreciated having a little window into her life because it helped me feel more connected to my Jewish faith and to my Israeli family and friends.


I reached out to Abbi and told her how her posts had affected me, and invited her back on the podcast to talk about parenting during a time of crisis.


When asked what we can do to help, Abbi's response was, “The most important thing that you can do for me personally is to stand up for Israel and for Jews publicly.”


For that reason, please consider sharing this episode with others, donating to my fundraiser for the FIDF (Friends of the IDF), and speaking out against anti-semitism whenever you encounter it.




  • What life is like for Abbi and her kids right now
  • How Abbi is giving back to kids and families in her community
  • What Abbi thinks about the future



  • Episode 212 – Managing Special Needs, Motherhood, and Money with Abbi Perets
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