Preparing to Go Back to School

Wait, what?


Summer’s almost over and it’s time to get ready for school? When did that happen?


My kids start school in just three weeks, so I think now’s a good time to begin the transition — at least psychologically — back to school.


Over the next few weeks, I’ll guide you through exactly how to make this transition as smooth as possible, and how to establish (or re-establish) systems of organization that will save you time, energy, and daily power struggles.


Today’s post is all about preparation and planning. Even though school is still weeks away, it’s a good idea to get kids thinking about the transition now and to bring them in on the concepts and practices of using a calendar, getting organized, and prioritizing. Why should parents have all the fun? 😉


how to start preparing your kids to go back to school


• Sometime in the next few days, show your kids a calendar and talk about the transition from summer vacation to school.
• Ask them, “What do you think needs to happen between now and then so you’ll be ready for school?” Write down their answers.
• After you’ve made a list of things that have to get done (e.g. buy new school supplies, get haircuts, go to the doctor, finish summer reading, etc.), ask, “Is there anything you want to do before summer ends?” Allow them to get out all their ideas at this point no matter how impractical they seem…you’re just brainstorming for now and giving them permission to express their desires.
• Look at the calendar together and schedule the things that must get done first. Then, involve them in narrowing down and prioritizing their want-to-do list. Add one or more of those to the calendar.


Great! Your transition back to school is underway. Next, we’ll be looking at how you and your children can organize your routines (everything from meal planning to homework to laundry), so that life seems to flow on autopilot.


Doesn’t that sound awesome?


Take Action Now: In the comments below, list at least one thing on your must-do list and one thing on your want-to-do list that you’re going to put on the calendar today. 



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  • Clare Greig

    My boy starts school next year so this has given me an insight into what I need to do. Thanks Pam

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