How Doing Less Brings Smart Success

Last summer, I began using Periscope, a social media app that allows people to broadcast live video. I quickly became fascinated with the app and started watching other people’s broadcasts, or “scopes,” and using it to talk about parenting issues and connect with moms all over the world.


Chalene Johnson immediately captured my attention on Periscope. Chalene is a celebrity fitness trainer, best-selling author, and a motivational speaker who helps entrepreneurs with personal and business development.


One of the reasons I’m drawn to Chalene is that we share similar philosophies of life. So many of the principles she teaches are the same ones I write about on this blog and share with my clients. While listening to her scopes and podcasts, I often find myself nodding in agreement and feeling very validated.


One thing she emphasizes that really helps me is how to design your life according to your own definition of success by identifying your priorities and dreaming big. Her program helps you focus on your unique strengths, while developing systems for productivity, so you can reach your goals while “working less and living more.”


There’s also a strong focus on delegating tasks to others, so that you can have time to do what matters most to you.



Spending time with these two is what matters most to me!


Two weekends ago, I attended a live training session, called Smart Success Live, led by Chalene and several other business experts. One of my biggest takeaways from the event was that in order to grow my business and focus more on my core goal of helping mamas have less drama, I need to delegate some things that pull me away from that (laundry, cleaning, and social media management top the list).


Being successful requires us to rely on people who possess the strengths we lack. This can be challenging for those of us who like things done a particular way! But delegating allows us to focus on the skills and talents we enjoy, instead of wasting time and resources doing things we’re not good at or that we dislike.


Receiving help can build connection with others and can fulfill someone else’s needs because they get to share their skills, talents, and abilities. It’s a win-win!


This is an important step for many moms, whether or not they work outside the home. That’s why they say it takes a village! Many of us believe we have to do everything ourselves, but I hereby give you permission to change the way you think about what you personally need to accomplish in a day.


Me with Chalene Johnson at Smart Success Live 2016


What areas in your life could benefit from getting someone else’s help? Look at the different categories below and brainstorm what kind of help you need and whom you can ask for it.


  • Family Care (e.g. babysitting, carpooling, tutoring, etc.)
  • Household responsibilities (e.g. cooking, cleaning, decorating, organizing, shopping, repairs, etc.)
  • Job Responsibilities (e.g. technical, clerical, promotional, etc.)
  • Personal Development (e.g. training, coaching, therapy, etc.)


Remember that asking for and receiving help is a huge part of self-care, and the better you feel, the more successful you’ll be.


In the comments below, tell me: What do you need help with the most? Which tasks can you start to delegate this week? Are there services or apps you’ve used that you’d recommend? Please share your experiences and resources!


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  • Laura

    Dana, you can have your cake and eat it too! When you have time, cook. When you don’t have time or inclination, order in or pick up or go out. There are so many choices. Enjoy all the choices.

  • Dana

    I absolutely love to cook but it takes so much time… I struggle with wanting to get help with it but also loving it!

    • Pam Howard

      Hey Dana. You’re definitely not the only mom who struggles with this! Have you ever tried “batching” your meals where you dedicate an entire afternoon to cooking and freezing portions for the week? You can even do it with a friend or your family, so it counts as quality time together, too.

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