Stitch Fix: A Busy Mom’s Style Solution

It used to be that personal shoppers and stylists were only for the rich and famous. Or the lucky few chosen to be publicly humiliated and then dramatically transformed on What Not to Wear.


I remember watching that and thinking to myself, “If I just had a personal stylist shop for me and choose clothes that were flattering and affordable, I’d be so fashionable, too!”


Well, with Stitch Fix, that dream is now more of a reality.


For those who don’t know, Stitch Fix is an online fashion retailer that has personal stylists who handpick clothes and accessories for their clients. When I joined, I created a Style Profile so they can cater to my taste, budget and lifestyle.


I first signed up for Stitch Fix in May 2015, after hearing raves and recommendations from my sister and some friends. Since then, I’ve gotten twelve “fixes.” Whenever the box appears on my doorstep, I get all giddy inside. I feel like I’m opening birthday presents every month!


Since I can tell my stylist exactly what I’m looking for (and even link to my own Pinterest boards of inspiration), I’m more likely to get items I’ll love. In each box, there’s been at least one item (out of five) that I’ve kept, including tops, pants, jeans, dresses, and jewelry.


2016-03-21 22.21.01

One of my favorite dresses EVER!


Cute top, dark bootcut jeans, and necklace.


For me, the best part of using Stitch Fix is the convenience. I can write my stylist a note telling her what I want, and when it arrives at my house, I can try it on at home, think about it for a few days, and return whatever I don’t like in the prepaid envelope. I can even drop returns in regular ol’ mailboxes instead of trying to find a UPS store or FedEx drop-off location.


The only downside is that the items tend to be a little pricier than what I’m used to paying, but I also think the clothes are better quality and better-fitting than I’m used to buying, too! The website says the average price point is $55 per item.


They have a referral program, which means that for each friend who signs up and orders a shipment, you get $25 in Stitch Fix credit. But full disclosure: since I have my own blog with a 99.9% female readership, I went ahead and became an affiliate.


And…just this week they introduced SHOES to their inventory!





If you’re the type of mom who doesn’t have time to shop, doesn’t care to shop, or just wants some fun, new looks in her wardrobe, check out Stitch Fix.



Are you a member of Stitch Fix or another service that makes life as a mom more convenient and fun? Spill the beans in the comments below!


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  • Tiffany Bellows

    I’m already a stitch fix addict! And it was perfect last year when I was pregnant because they have a maternity line! I cant wait to try their shoes! For anyone else who is pregnant, I suggest trying latched mama & mama’s milkbox for maternity & nursing shirts/dresses. 😉

    • Pam Howard

      Hi Tiffany! That’s amazing about the maternity line. I wish it had been around when I was pregnant. Thanks for the great tip 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I love Stitch Fix, even when I only keep one new piece. I also used Instacart once to deliver Costco groceries, it felt like a lifesaver, and the first order came with free delivery. Lately I’m hearing a lot about Favor, though I haven’t tried it yet!

    • Pam Howard

      Ohhh, Stephanie — I’m just waiting for Instacart to team up with our Whole Foods! What’s Favor? Gotta go look it up…xo

  • Lorelei

    I just had my first “fix” a short time ago and kept all 5 items which I wear all the time! Having no time or skill in shopping it was a real treat!

    • Pam Howard

      Wow, Lorelei! Sounds like you hit a home run with your first fix! I hope the subsequent ones are just as great!

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