Glamour and Goop: An Interview with Susan Egan – 030


Susan Egan is a Tony Award nominee for Best Actress as Broadway’s original “Belle” in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.


She’s best known to animation fans as “Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond” on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe and the sassy “Megara” in Disney’s Hercules.


She has over 400 solo concert credits with symphonies worldwide, including concerts at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center and the Hollywood Bowl, and she has more than 40 recordings credits with seven solo CDs.


In 2018, Susan formed a company with fellow Broadway stars Laura Osnes and Courtney Reed, and musical director Benjamin Rauhala – and they’re currently touring their award-winning concert, Broadway Princess Party, worldwide. She’s an accomplished master teacher in music performance, an obsessive gardener, happy wife, and leader to her daughters’ two Girl Scout troops.


Join me and Susan as we talk about juggling career and motherhood, how parenting requires us to check our egos at the door, and the importance of taking care of ourselves so we can show up more fully for our kids.



  • The story behind Susan’s song Nina Doesn’t Care
  • Susan’s superpowers as a mom
  • How Susan deals with being a parent who works and travels a lot
  • What Susan’s future self would tell her present self




Lyrics to: Nina Doesn’t Care by Susan Egan and Brian Haner

I’ve been up since 4 a.m.
‘Cause she had runny nose
Changed her diapers -twice
Washed her dirty clothes.
She threw down her sippy cup
And then smeared me with some jam.
I looked at her and said,
“Don’t you know who I am?”

Nina doesn’t care
If I was once a star
She just pulls my hair
As I strap her in the car.
She’s never seen me soar
Charm them with a song
Once an ingenue
To her I’m only mom.
When I’m on stage it’s like I walk on air
Nina doesn’t care.

The Times said I was stunning
I got four stars from the Post.
Nina only giggles,
Whacks me with her toast.
As she puts me through the paces
I try not to yell,
But it’s hard when she prefers
The mermaid over Belle.

Nina doesn’t care
If the crowd is so impress
She just makes a face
And spits up on my dress
She’s never seen my name up on the marquee
She’s the princess now
I’m just plain old me
She’s never seen me in the spotlights glare

Nina doesn’t care
If my hair’s just right
Or I took three curtain calls
She just needs me there to hold her tight
Catch her when she falls

Nina doesn’t care
If I’ve had a lousy night
Tired voice, worn out
Every song a fight
Or if I lost the part
A role I’d wished I’d won
Or got a bad review
What more could I have done?
Then holding her’s the answer to my prayer
Thank God,
Nina doesn’t care.


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