Creating Your Future – 125

Do you feel like you can't create the future you want because you don't know how, or you think you don't have what it takes? I have good news for you. Knowing HOW to create your future isn't as [...]


Do Something Different – 124

Is there an argument or problem that occurs in your relationship with your child again and again, in exactly the same way, with a predictable outcome? Many of us think that if we just keep doing [...]


Bridging the Belief Gap – 049

When my clients first learn that they're in control of their thoughts and feelings, they’re blown away. They feel like they've just unlocked the secret of the Universe...which, of course, they [...]


How to Change Your Beliefs – 019

Many of my clients and podcast listeners intellectually understand the idea that their thoughts create their feelings, actions, and results. But they have a hard time applying the concept in [...]


When Kids Push Our Buttons

"...every time you interact with your child, whether it’s a positive or negative interaction, he comes away with certain conclusions about himself, you, and the world..."