The Problem with I-Statements – 051

I-Statements are a technique often recommended by counselors and therapists to help with communication. They're supposed to reduce defensiveness when trying to resolve conflicts by focusing on [...]


Emotional Adulthood – 036

Most people go through life living in a state of emotional childhood, blaming external circumstances for their feelings. When you combine kids who have no ability to manage their minds with [...]


Victim Mentality – 027

Be honest. How often do you think thoughts like these? “This shouldn’t be happening.” “Nobody appreciates me.” “I have to do everything.” “My life is so hard.” Many people aren't even aware [...]


You Can’t Make Me

"It took me years and years to realize that I believed I was responsible for “making” others angry. It may or may not have ever been spoken, but the message I received from adults was: Don’t [...]