How to Learn From Past Choices – 207

If you've ever promised yourself that you would learn from your past choices only to find yourself repeating them, this episode is for you. I'm sharing a five-step process to help you learn from [...]


Children and Choices – 204

This episode was inspired by several factors that all seemed to converge at once: the Fourth of July, the Roe v Wade decision last week, and a session with one of my newest clients. All had [...]


Quit Being Busy – 021

Most of us have been taught to believe that being busy is a good thing.  We think that being busy means we’re important, valuable, successful, and productive. But what if that isn't [...]


You Can’t Make Me

"It took me years and years to realize that I believed I was responsible for “making” others angry. It may or may not have ever been spoken, but the message I received from adults was: Don’t [...]