Setting Limits with Your Kids – 145

Do you feel frustrated when your kids disobey your limits? Do you feel guilty because you often give in to avoid a meltdown or a power struggle? Do you feel confused and powerless about how to [...]


What Kids Need to Thrive – 144

Before I was a mom, I worked as a clinician at an adolescent day treatment facility near Boston. Time and time again, I witnessed teens enter the program with symptoms of major mental illness and [...]


Saying No to Your Kids – 016

This week we're wrapping up our month-long series in NO-vember with an episode about how to say "no" to your kids. Many parents are so afraid of tantrums and power struggles that they’ll do just [...]


How to Inspire Behavior You Desire

"Kids learn what they live. They don't come into the world knowing about respect, responsibility, gratitude, or self-control. They need to experience what those things look and feel like, and [...]


Screen Time Limits

"How much screen time is too much?" "What types of games are ok or absolutely not ok?" "How do I set limits when my co-parent has different ideas of what's appropriate?"


Be Consistent: Think Like A Bouncer

"Consistency is one of the most important ingredients for gaining respect and cooperation from your kids. But many parents have trouble being consistent when it comes to enforcing limits and [...]

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