Feeling into 2022 – 177

How do you want to feel a year from now, at the end of 2022? Why do you imagine you'd feel that way? What will be different? In this episode, I'll share the key to getting what you want sooner, [...]


Failing into 2021 – 126

Have you ever been super excited to start a new habit or achieve a new goal only to find your energy and motivation fizzles out before you reach it? We've all been there. But why does this [...]


2018 Word of the Year

"Instead of making New Year's resolutions, a Word of the Year helps guide me toward reaching my goals and becoming a better version of myself..."


2017 Word of the Year

"Over the past two years, I've chosen a single word to help me pay attention to my goals and keep me from being sidetracked by lots of drama..."