Husband Resentment – 059

I've coached so many moms who harbor resentment toward their husbands that I wanted to dedicate an entire episode to it. If you don’t have a husband or you don’t feel resentment toward yours, [...]


Your Relationship Manual – 018

In all relationships, we have rules and expectations of how we think other people should operate. These make up our "manuals" (or instruction guides) for our relationships. Usually, we don't [...]


Are You A Needy Parent?

"Everyone knows that children depend on their parents to get their needs met. But what happens when the parent relies on the child to meet his/her own emotional needs?"


Connect Through Empathy

"Not long ago, my husband used empathy with our daughter, Marissa. I remember it clearly because I was not feeling particularly compassionate at the time and his relaxed demeanor helped calm me [...]

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