Victim Mentality – 027

Be honest. How often do you think thoughts like these? “This shouldn’t be happening.” “Nobody appreciates me.” “I have to do everything.” “My life is so hard.” Many people aren't even aware [...]


Quit Being Busy – 021

Most of us have been taught to believe that being busy is a good thing.  We think that being busy means we’re important, valuable, successful, and productive. But what if that isn't [...]


Are You Raising a People Pleaser?

"While it may seem easier to have a kid who’s always agreeable, has a strong desire to be liked, and goes out of his way to please you, the long-term consequences of people pleasing can be [...]


Dear 22 Year Old Me

"I remember the exact moment when the idea of motherhood -- and assuming the responsibilities that go along with it -- hit me all at once."

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