Secrets to Living to 101 – 121

My grandmother would have been 112 years old today. But she didn’t just exist to be 101 — she really lived and enjoyed life. Whenever I tell people how long she lived, they want to know: “What [...]


Routines and Quarantines – 086

With the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in the United States surpassing China and Italy last week, more and more families are being told to shelter in place. But what are you supposed to [...]


Taming Morning Madness – 026

How would you describe mornings in your home? Do you rush around trying to make sandwiches and sign field trip forms before the bus arrives? Do you yell because your kids dawdle or whine that [...]


Preparing to Go Back to School

"Even though school is still weeks away, it's a good idea to get kids thinking about the transition now and to bring them in on the concept and practice of using a calendar, getting organized, [...]