No Bad Kids – 084

It always bothers me when people refer to kids as "bad." When kids believe they're bad, they act in ways to prove their belief true. Tune in to this episode as I explain why there's no such thing [...]


Bridging the Belief Gap – 049

When my clients first learn that they're in control of their thoughts and feelings, they’re blown away. They feel like they've just unlocked the secret of the Universe...which, of course, they [...]


Consequences with Love – 035

Did you know that you can set and enforce consequences with love? It’s not only possible, it’s also much more effective. Tune into today's episode where I talk about the differences between [...]


Stop Taking Things Personally – 028

The eye roll. The "Whatever, Mom." Completely ignoring your requests. How can you stop taking these things personally when they're clearly about you? Tune into this episode where I explain [...]


No Wrong Decisions – 025

Do you struggle with indecision? There was a time (not too long ago) when I felt overcome with anxiety about making even the smallest decisions. Then, one single thought helped me feel more [...]


Releasing Judgment – 023

Whether or not you like to admit it, judging others is something we all do.  I’ve found that the more curious and open I’ve been about examining my judgmental thoughts, the better I’ve been able [...]


Quit Being Busy – 021

Most of us have been taught to believe that being busy is a good thing.  We think that being busy means we’re important, valuable, successful, and productive. But what if that isn't [...]

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