Parenting with Vulnerability – 094

You want your kids to see you as an authority figure -- as someone who’s strong and brave and infallible. You fear that if you show your flaws and fears and mistakes, they'll lose their trust in [...]


When Your Child Lies to You – 046

Nothing seems to upset parents more than when their child lies to them. But since lying is a normal and natural part of child development, every parent deals with it at some point. While you may [...]


Don’t Worry, You Can Handle It

"Besides negatively impacting you, your worry influences your kids, too. The more you communicate to them that the world is a dangerous place, the more likely it is that they'll develop anxiety, [...]


Be Consistent: Think Like A Bouncer

"Consistency is one of the most important ingredients for gaining respect and cooperation from your kids. But many parents have trouble being consistent when it comes to enforcing limits and [...]