A Tool to Help You Keep Cool

Do you ever have those moments when your kids are arguing/ignoring/defying/whining/etc. and you start to feel your blood pressure rise and your jaw muscles tighten?


You reeeeeeaaaalllly try to keep it together and stay calm, but they persist with the arguing/ignoring/defying/whining/etc. and before you know it, you explode like a soda bottle that’s been shaken too much?


Yeah. Me too.


Wouldn’t it be great to have some kind of tool that would help you identify when you were reaching your boiling point and allow you to keep your cool even under all the pressure?


Well, now you do.


It’s called the Calm-mom-meter™ and I created it to help you do just that.


Here’s how it works:


1. Download this pdf here.

2. Print out a copy and take notes on it as you go about your week. You can finalize it later. You can also type directly into the fillable boxes.

3. Pay attention to your body and your emotions when you’re calm (1), super angry (10), and every stage in between. For example, when you first have the thought, “I’m irritated” think about what number that would be on your scale and write it down.

4. Then think about what strategies you can use at each stage to help you get back down to 1. For instance, when you’re at a 5, calling a friend might help, but when you’re at a 9, you need to go for a walk outside.

5. The goal is to catch yourself and start using your strategies before you reach those higher numbers.


Want more tools and strategies to be a “cool” mom?


You’ll get tons more when you sign up for the Keep Cool Online Summer Camp for Moms.


If you’ve got any specific questions or concerns I can address, leave them in the comments or send me an e-mail at pam@lessdramamoremama.com 


Have a safe, happy, and COOL 4th of July.




  • Jen Hemphill

    Awesome tool, definitely a good strategy to check your own thermometer :-). Love the PDF!

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