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A Word to Live By in the New Year

Over the past several years, you may have noticed people foregoing the time-honored New Year's resolution for a newer tradition: choosing a Word of the Year. Basically, you choose ONE word that represents what you hope to experience or demonstrate over the next 12 months.


The word you choose acts as your guide. It helps you set goals and stay focused on what's important to you, and it brings you back into alignment when you get off-track.


So, I decided to jump on the Word of the Year bandwagon and give it a try. I brainstormed a list of words and then just kept eliminating til I chose ‘the one.'


Here are some of the words I considered:


word of the year



In the end, I chose…………………ACHIEVE.


When I thought about each word, I paid attention to how it felt energetically. If it didn't resonate with me, I eliminated it. I thought about what I felt was lacking this past year and what I wanted to be different in 2015. As you know, it was a rough year for me personally. I'm ready for a fresh start, growth, change, and inner peace. And I can ACHIEVE all of those things and more. The word encompasses so much potential and already makes me feel a sense of accomplishment!


Of course, only time will tell if this ‘one word' method really works to motivate me. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress throughout the year.


Who else wants to join me in choosing a word for 2015? Leave your ONE word in the comments below. Feel free to say a little something about why you chose it, too.


Next week, I'm taking a break from blogging to spend time with my family and rest up before all my ACHIEVING starts.


Happy Holidays! I wish you and your family all good things in the coming year. Here's to LESS DRAMA and MORE MAMA in 2015!


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