You’re Invited to a Teleclass!

You may remember that my Word of the Year is ACHIEVE.


One of the things I’d like to achieve in 2015 is reaching more parents and helping them achieve the benefits of calm and connected parenting.


Although I’ve seen the impact that webinars and teleseminars can have in getting information out into the world and helping people build relationships, I’ve been hesitant to try them because it requires me to put myself “out there” in a different way. And that can feel scaaaaaary.


But I’m ready to give it a go. No more excuses about being technically challenged. No more procrastinating. No more waiting to start until I’m “ready.”


On Wednesday, January 28th, I’m hosting my first-ever teleclass!


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As a result of the call:

  • You’ll understand why your kids behave the way they do
  • You’ll recognize exactly what your child needs to cooperate and listen more
  • You’ll learn strategies for getting your child to listen to you (without raising your voice)​


Since I’ve never done one of these before, I can’t promise a recorded version for those who don’t show up LIVE (but I’m going to try). Plus, I’ve got a special bonus for people who do show up LIVE!


Click here to save your seat!





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