You Don’t Have To Do Anything


“I have to pick up the kids from practice.”

“I have to fold the laundry.”

“I have to clean the dishes.”

“I have to finish a project for work.”


Every day, you tell yourself there are so many things you have to get done, but did you know there’s nothing you actually have to do? Really!


Whenever you think that you have to do anything — you’re basically telling yourself that you’d rather do something else, but that you don’t have a choice.


Stop telling yourself this lie. You always have a choice.


Think about it — you don’t have to go to work, but you choose to go because you want a paycheck. You don’t have to clean the dishes, but you choose to because you probably don’t want bugs or a messy kitchen. You don’t even have to pay your taxes — many people don’t — but you choose to pay them, rather than end up in jail.


The other lie you tell yourself is that you don’t want to do the things you’re choosing to do.


For example, I might think, “Ok, so I’m choosing to fold the laundry, but I sure as heck don’t want to.” Then I think about it some more and I realize that, yes, I actually do want to fold the laundry because I hate having wrinkled clothes. Or I tell myself I don’t want to cook dinner every night, but the truth is I’d rather save some money and know exactly what ingredients are in my food than go to a restaurant or order takeout.


The way you talk to yourself and the thoughts you think determine how you feel. When you tell yourself that you don’t have a choice or that you have to do things you don’t want to do, you end up feeling resentful, powerless, and dissatisfied with your life.


When you take responsibility for your choices and find the reasons you actually want to be making them, you can feel empowered and even motivated to get those things done.


You are not a victim of your circumstances. You are in control. You always have a choice.


In the comments below, tell me: What’s one thing you tell yourself you have to do? What’s one reason that you’re choosing to do it? What would it be like for you to shift your perspective and never tell yourself you have to do anything again?


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  • Anna Richmond Reid

    Gave this a try and it’s so powerful. Game changer! You have a lovely writing style Pam, thanks for sharing this knowledge

    • Pam Howard

      Thanks for applying the knowledge, Anna! So glad you found it helpful and empowering. Go get it, Mama! 😉

  • simone

    Gos bless you! you´re really helping me….some days ago, watching my devotionals I had these words….Joice Meyer said: YOU SHOULD CHOOSE WHAT YOU THINK!! and this makes difference!!

    • simone

      sorry…GOD bless you!!

    • Pam Howard

      Hi Simone,
      God bless YOU for leaving a comment and letting me know my post resonated with you. Keep choosing good thoughts 🙂

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