Back to School + A Great New Way to Get Parenting Support From Me

I can’t believe how the school year seems to have crept up on us so quickly!


I’ve been busy de-cluttering and organizing, so all systems are GO when my girls return to school in 2 weeks.


A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about making a smooth transition back to school, so I wanted to share it again.


Click here to read it.


I also wanted to share with you that yesterday I was featured as one of eight “up and coming scopers” on Periscope by marketing strategist Danielle Ford.


If you’ve never heard of Periscope, it’s a free app you download on your phone or tablet that allows people to interact via live stream.


One person is live on video, and those watching have the ability to comment, interact, and ask questions in real time.


It’s super cool and I’ve been connecting with so many new people and answering their parenting questions there.


After you download the app, follow me @lessdramamama. You’ll get a notification whenever I go LIVE. If you miss the live broadcast, you’ll have 24 hours to watch the replay before it disappears into cyberspace.

You can find all sorts of people on there sharing information on just about any topic — from cooking to exercise to business and beyond.


Finally, I’m getting ready to launch the Keep Cool School in September. If you missed the Keep Cool Online Summer Camp for Moms, here’s a sampling of what my campers had to say:


“It’s worth it, you have the time, you can spare the money. It’s a month of lessons, conversations and daily interactions on Facebook that adds up to more much value than 4 weekly sessions with a therapist.”


I would definitely recommend camp to others. I would suggest it to any friend who wants to spend some time evaluating what her patterns are with respect to her interactions with her children — regardless of their age — and wants to change them.”


“The camp was a great way to engage in healthy self-analysis in an environment that was caring and fun. I learned about self-care and got real about it, without having to undergo any grueling therapy sessions.”


“Had it not been for the camp, I never would have given thought to why I was doing things — I would have just done them. Being part of the camp made me stop and think about why I was doing or saying something. It helped me ask myself whether there was a better way of accomplishing what I wanted. It made me stop and think.”

To sign up for email updates for the Keep Cool School, click here.


Have a great week and I’ll “see” you on Periscope!



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